The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a gentle yet powerful method of correcting long standing badly acquired habits that cause excessive strain on muscles and joints, especially in the back, neck and shoulder areas of the body, so giving the mind and body a chance to work together more freely.

The Many Benefits of using the Alexander Technique include:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain relief
  • Stop headaches and neck strain
  • Become calmer and more relaxed both physically and mentally 
  • Breathe easily and move with more freedom  
  • Look better, feel more confident and cope with stress better  
  • Perform many activities with more ease   
  • Let go of unnecessary tensions   
  • Regain better posture

Other benefits include

  • Relief of discomfort in Pregnancy
  • Reduction in repetitive Strain Injury
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Assist in rehabilitation following an operation, injury or illness

The Alexander Technique has been used in the performing arts for many years and several drama and music schools have a resident Alexander Technique professional on their staff.

In a field where quality of movement, vocalisation, breathing and reduction in performance anxiety are essential, the technique has been a valuable asset.

Modern sedentary lifestyles with long periods of inactivity sitting at computer desks can also give rise to habits of poor posture and tensions in the back, shoulders and neck muscles causing long term chronic neck and back pain.

The Alexander Technique is able to correct these problems in a totally natural way, relieving long term tensions through self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The Technique can also be used to benefit sports performance through improving natural balance, poise and co-ordination essential to many disciplines. It can also assist in recovering from many sports related injuries especially to those associated with the neck, shoulders and back.

Personal Development

When the Alexander Technique is practiced it can increase your self-awareness and how you react to stressful situations and give you a more natural and healthy way of coping with all the problems that life throws at us. By developing self-knowledge, confidence and the ability to enjoy life more fully are enhanced.

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Workshops in Frinton

I run small introductory workshops in Frinton with a maximum of eight people. The workshops tell participants all about the Alexander Technique so they can decide whether to go on to have lessons.

Included in the programme are some practical work, a short DVD, a demonstration and a guided lying-down session ( 5 minutes)

This combination of group and individual work gives you a unique opportunity to find out all about the Technique and to make an informed decision about whether it is something you wish to pursue.

There is ground floor access and easy parking.

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